Primary School - The Wingate School
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Primary School

Primary School: International Primary Curriculum  

The IPC embraces a wide range of themes, texts and other teaching resources for children from the ages of 6 to 12.  The IPC, which is taught in English, inspires children to learn in exciting ways, also providing them with transferrable skills for later life in this ever changing and most international world.

Using the IPC, TWS will maintain high standards through a Self-Review process.  It follows 9 key principles behind the IPC, ensuring best practice.  These include: Shared Vision; Improving Learning; Classroom Practices; and Development of Knowledge, Skills and Understanding.  

A core principle of the IPC is that “curriculum” is not just a collection of facts to be learned to pass a test.  Rather, it is a means of carefully defining knowledge, skills and understandings that children need to acquire.  These are clearly defined in the Learning Goals.

The IPC Learning Goals define what children might be expected to know, what they might be able to do and the comprehension they might develop as they move through the school.  Carefully crafted learning goals guide both teaching and learning and help to focus assessment and evaluation.  

Our teachers will select over 130 different thematic units, all of which are child-friendly, modern-day and apt topics. Crucially, these units – also incorporating Science, History, Geography, ICT, Art and Physical Education – are designed to appeal to all ages of primary school pupils.  The units are related to, and grounded in, the very world in which we all live.  Creative teachers such as ours, will enrich the IPC units with their own teaching material. The critical thinking that is explored and valued in the EYFS will continue to be built upon.

Each IPC unit provides many opportunities to link languages and mathematics.  

Units are aimed at three different age-groups, which are called Mileposts:  5-7 years old (Milepost 1); 7-9 years old (Milepost 2); 9-12 years old (Milepost 3).