The Wingate School | Human Formation
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Human formation

Human formation

Human formation enables the individual to gain an integral and harmonious formation – human, social, professional and intellectual – to develop the best balance of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values in life.


The Wingate School’s human formation emphasises:

  • Critical and creative thinking.
  • The establishment of interpersonal and group tolerance, and respect for cultural diversity.
  • Ongoing self-formation.
  • A balanced and happy life.
The purpose of education is to guide students in the process by which they are forged as human beings – equipped with knowledge, discernment and moral virtues. Jacques Maritain

School of Character

The education of character is the deliberate effort to cultivate praiseworthy behaviours.  Thus, at the centre of an effective character, education is a close partnership between parents and school.

The virtues that help form a solid character are: generosity, a sense of fairness, perseverance, self-control, positive attitudes, hard work, integrity and gratitude.

Social Responsibility

We want our students to become citizens who are concerned about their communities.  During the year we will organize events and activities to support different charities and their valuable work.