About us - Mission/Vision/Motto/Values - The Wingate School
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About us

About The Wingate School

The Wingate School a British International School in Mexico which offers an educational programme focussed on academic excellence, creativity and human formation. Its highly qualified staff of international teachers provides personalised attention. The school aims to form a community of critical thinkers who have a multicultural perspective and social commitment.


Its curriculum incorporates best practice from British, Mexican and international education to provide a comprehensive programme that promotes excellence and creativity in science, humanities and art.


TWS is a lay and co-educational school with an important focus on human values and formation.


Students receive personalised attention, focused on developing self-discipline, leveraging technology as a tool and forming a social conscience.


Strive, Learn and Serve

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop a British International school in Mexico that offers the highest standards of teaching through an integral study programme based on three-pillars: excellence, creativity and human formation.


The Wingate School enables children from all cultural backgrounds to value the joy of learning, and self-discipline, in order to fulfil their full potential. Our pupil-centred community also promotes a commitment to helping others, preparing students for the exciting challenges of our evolving global society.


To offer the Mexican market a British International educational approach, incorporating the best practices of the Mexican educational system.


To develop in our students a broad range of abilities which enable them to think critically.


To promote academic excellence in English, certified by renowned international certifications.


To cultivate human formation and social responsibility, developing integrity and the virtues.


As a school of character The Wingate School will actively promote the following values:

  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Honesty
  • Cooperation
  • Tolerance
  • Self-discipline